Developing a written communication plan is the fundamental factor for determining the success of the project. An effective plan should not be of 'One Man Army' but it should be a fruit of team effort. Here each member of the project should deliver their opinion for making the success of reaching the target. In other words, the plan of communication is the team effort and can be achieved only by coordination and team spirit. This article tells you about the two types of communication namely the regular communication and event-driven communication.

Regular communication
The ultimate success of any project lies in determining the correct objective and using appropriate method of communication. Identify the interest of the stakeholders and find out the best medium for advertising the message. Regular communication is one in which each and every member of the team is given chance for communicating and sharing information. Apart from project members, you should consider the opinion of sponsors, stakeholders, and other committee members while setting the target. Examples of regular communication plan is the status report for quarterly period, scheduled meeting of the team and updates of monthly targets etc. The meetings will be held on the scheduled dates to discuss the outcome of the project. You should consider the interests of the stakeholder and listen to their analysis before finalizing the plan. The plan should be reviewed regularly at frequent intervals and the results to be communicated to the stakeholders.

Event driven communication
This is the project in which chances are very rare and arise only one time. You should work with the team members for identifying the event carefully and make maximum use of it. This type of plan contains vendor meetings, sessions discussing critical issues on hand, and appropriate training schedule for the team. The results can be achieved easier only if the project is reviewed periodically. Compare the results of the previous month project and take forward the existing project.

Keep on changing the plans of the project once in six months so that you can get the maximum benefit from each time driven opportunity. The communication plan should be designed taking into account the receiver's benefit and not the company's view.

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