Does your close is starting forgetting the most essential things? He or she cannot remember simplest information? Is he or she strange behaving? It can be Alzheimer's disease – the most frequent cause of the dementia.

This illness is beginning from memory disorders. Other symptoms include change of behavior and depression.

The Alzheimer's disease has a few stages. Worsening the fresh memory is often the first symptom of illness. However memories from young days are retained by a long stretch. During the Alzheimer's disease many other symptoms are also appear. Usually as first a fresh memory is yielding to impairment. It means that the sick person isn't able to remember new information, e.g. of a telephone number or the address. On the other hand, memory of a distant events is kept relatively well. Sick persons remember very well events from the childhood. However, during the time this kind of the memory is also surrendering to the weakness. In advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease patients forget even names of members of the close family.

What are so-called cognitive functions?

Very often disorders of the concentration and problems with the speech, consisting in difficulties with finding right words, are appearing in the Alzheimer's disease. Feeling of the tiredness is also appears. Patients are showing symptoms of depression during the initial period of illness. Feeling frustration and lowering the mood are typical. Such behavior is typical especially in case of persons which notice happening changes in their brain and memory. During the later stages of Alzheimer's disease another changes of patient's behavior appear. It is among others feeling of losing, confusion and fear. Sick persons are becoming anxious, and with time even aggressive. During the course of Alzheimer's disease, recognizing of previously best known persons and objects is becoming more and more difficult. An unsteadiness of the mood and an exaggerated oversensitivity are another symptoms of Alzheimer's. Moreover persecution delusions can appear. Sick persons think, that other people want to do them harm and appearing problems with finding objects are explaining with thefts.

Another symptoms of the disease are problems in performing the simple activities associated with the everyday living. Getting dressed, preparing meals or doing the shopping cause patients more and more troubles. Neglecting the personal hygiene is an additional problem. Moreover, sick persons aren't able to take care of the cleanness of theirs clothes and surroundings. During the final stages of illness patients need constant help and care. Building of the so-called facade is characteristic for the Alzheimer's disease. This phenomenon means that the sick person is creating appearances, that no changes happened in him or her. Person with Alzheimer's disease is trying to maintain current lifestyle and isn't letting recognize by others, that he or she has any problems with remembering or understanding different information.

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