Letters are there to provide us information whether it is for personal, career or academic use. A letter can be written in two ways, one is informal which is commonly used in personal letters and the other one is formal mostly used in letters for business. There are many kinds of letters out there like welcome letters, letters for appreciation, letters for apology , collection letters, Invoice letter templates, letters of invitation, marketing letters, letters of rejection, letters of inquiry, poison pen letters, business letters and personal letters.

A mail is usually defined as a form of information written by someone to depict or bring out information to the recipient. Letters represent mutual friendship and a type of people communication, specifically on a normal mail exchange within two individuals

There are many different types of letters but the one mentioned above are the most commonly used just like the welcome letter, which consist of pleasing words of gratitude to the recipient for becoming a member of an institution or a group. A student may have this letter from a college that they have passed. Employers can also write this to their new employees. Another type of a letter is a letter for business, which are usually exchanged between people that have business relations. A business letter enforces a stricter and more respectful language and tone. A lesser kind of informal letter is referred as a personal letter, which is considered to the most common type of letter. A personal letter contains informal written communication with friends, family and etc. A personal letter can be sometimes called as a love letter if the letter contains words that express your emotional feelings to another person.

Before, writing and sending different types of letters as a form of communication were common among people, but since the dawn of telephones, computers, and etc, the use of mailboxes has declined. Though many people have seen great advantages with the use of telephones and some different innovations, there are still some that uses this form of communication.

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what are the four types of lupus

9 thoughts on “What Are The Four Types Of Lupus

  1. jpu

    What are some benefits we can get from stem cell research?
    I have to write a paper about stem cell research and i am suppose to list a few things about how we can benefit from stem cell research. I have a couple of ideas but I need opinions from other people.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Rod K

    What if your opinion on the issue of destorying human embryos for stem cells?
    Personally I don’t support killing of any kind. But give your honest opinion and please provide your reasoning behind it.

  3. JamieLynn

    What are some reasons for unexplained bruises?
    Ihave a large bruise on my thigh that is very dark. It does hurt a little, but I didn’t fall or bump my leg. It has a lump inside it, and is a about the size of a softball, I’m not sure where it came from.

    I am 27, and do not take any type of blood thinners like asprin.

    1. Katie

      Some people, especially women, are more prone to bruising than others, so one possible explanation may be that you are less likely to notice the injury that triggered the bruising. Moreover, as people grow older and continue to expose themselves to the damaging effects of the sun, the skin becomes more susceptible to bruising. With time, the skin thins, losing some of its fatty layer that cushions blood vessels against damage. Also, capillary walls become more fragile, and tissues that support blood vessels weaken as people age. So, the bumps — especially to the arms and legs — that once went unnoticed may now, as bruises, be hard to miss.

      Sometimes, unexplained bruises, or blood spots under the skin that look like bruises, can point a finger at more serious medical conditions, including:

      effects of medications or supplements — aspirin, anticoagulants (blood thinners), corticosteroids, and dietary supplements, such as fish oil, ginkgo, ginger, and garlic
      a bleeding or clotting disorder
      nutritional deficiencies of vitamins B12, C, K, or folic acid
      inflammation of a blood vessel(s)
      liver disease
      sepsis — a widespread presence of infection-causing organisms or their toxins in the blood or tissues
      chronic inflammatory diseases, e.g., lupus
      certain cancers, including Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, or multiple myeloma
      Anytime unusually large and painful bruises appear for no apparent reason, or are severe after only a minor injury, it is important to consult a health care provider. Other reasons to speak with a provider may include bruising easily while also bleeding from the gums, nose, or intestinal tract; a bruise accompanied by swelling and pain, especially if taking a blood-thinning medication; and, bruises that do not show signs of healing after two weeks or those that do not heal completely after four weeks.

      If any of these sound familiar, please see a health care provider as soon as possible. If these signs are not familiar, but the unexplained bruises or diabetes is of further concern to you, a talk with a provider can be helpful in figuring things out. At Columbia, call Health Services at Columbia at x4-2284 or log in to Open Communicator for an appointment.

  4. That Black Guy

    What progress has stem cell research made? How expensive would the surgery be when completed?
    Just wanna know whats goin on and if any type of insurance or sumthin would cover it though i doubt it. Any info would be helpful

  5. Sam Lannom

    How far has stem cell research come since it started to now?
    I need to know the development and maybe some uses of stem cell research in todays society.

  6. Pony Boy

    Do you support Government Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research ?
    I am all for this type of research. Religious people seem to be the only road block to curing a lot of ailments that we have these days. If there was a cure for cancer that was found by this type of research and your against it, would you go get treatment, or die a painful death ?
    I wish people against it would answer the second question also, instead of just repeating political talking points.

  7. Clever Trevor

    What are some books I can rent from the library that will get me smarter medical-wise?
    I want to be a rheumatologist in my future, I feel I need to work as hard as I can to be successful at this. I’m on summer break right now, w/ 2 more years of high school left. I would like to do some studying this summer to start learning more about this profession. Can you recommend anything?

  8. Sabrina

    How should i make a commercial for stem cell research?
    Well for biology me and my friends have to make a commercial for stem cell research. Now we’re usually pretty creative, but we cannot think of anything. We would like it to kind of be funny, but we don’t know how to approach this subject at all. Any suggestions?
    Are teacher warned not to give our views on it, it just has to be a general comercial that gives information on the subject.

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