Skin disease is one of the most common diseases known by people over the decades. It generates from mild to worse. Dermatosis is the scientific name given to skin disease which can spread and cover all parts of the human body. The inflammation causing disease known as dermatitis is closely related to dermatosis.

These two diseases have different symptoms and treatments although they belong to the same family. These diseases are unable to track however they need to be treated only after analyzing it thoroughly.

There are some other skin diseases like varicella and morbilli which gives the same indication but they are not considered as dermatomes. There are some common name given to these diseases as tinea pedis, inflammatory disease and skin disease.

There are many agents responsible for skin diseases. One kind of skin disease is caused by absorption of external particles by skin whereas other diseases are caused by inappropriate use of aprons, gloves etc leading to rashes and skin irritation and serious poisoning.

Dermatitis caused by allergy is the most common skin disease which shows its impact within 24 hours. It results in swelling, irritation, itching and redness on the skin. Ringworm is another type of skin disease and it is the most common one. Ringworm can be transferred from person to person by sharing same towel and clothing.

People suffering from acne should not take milk as it is affected by number of hormones present in milk.
Having fish helps in reducing skin disease as they contain omega 3 oil which acts as trouble shooter.
Sweetness is like monster to these diseases so avoid sugar related products.
Avoid vitamin E, it makes acne go worse.
Vitamin B5 is recommended as it helps in giving some relief to the burning sensation.
Try to avoid oily food.
Try to keep your skin clean as sometimes it so happens that due to dirty skin rashes and red spots can appear.

The pimples are the most common problem faced by youngsters and if not treated properly on time can give black spots on face for lifetime. Different people have different views about treating pimples and the best way to avoid it is by drinking lots of water because water purifies blood and gives healthy glowing skin.

The boils are kind of skin infection generated from within the skin, caused by Staph bacteria. Slight fever and chill may occur and sometimes the pain goes extreme where boil needs to be cut open to get some relief.

Skin cancer may sound small but it can be as deadly as anything else. It develops at the time when DNA gets destroyed completely. Lumps starts developing on all parts of body and at the same time dead cells starts to multiply rapidly. These cancers develop on surface of the skin that's the reason why it is usually visible. There are some reasons due to which skin cancer occurs such as skin exposed to direct sun, tattooing the skin etc.

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