What Causes Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Author: Brian Johnson

The shoulder blade, otherwise known as the scapula is the bone structure in the upper back part of the body connecting the arm to the thorax (chest wall).  The shoulder blade also forms part of the socket, which connects the upper arm to the socket.  It is surrounded by muscles and tissues which cushion the bone structure allowing the shoulders to move smoothly.  Thus, the shoulder blade is largely involved in the different movements of the human arms.  Like any other parts of the body however, the shoulder blade may suffer swelling and inflammation, which lead to what is commonly referred to as shoulder blade pain.  

However, pain between shoulder blades may be caused by a number of factors.  The pain may be sourced from inflammation of the tissues or tendons surrounding the scapula or the shoulder blade.  Muscles surrounding the shoulder blade may have been torn or strained due to some strenuous activities.  The same case may also apply as regards the tendons and ligaments in the scapula region.  Joint dislocations may also lead to shoulder blade pain as a result of a strong trauma after an accident or during a play of a sport.  Shoulder blade pain may also involve infection or bone tumor in the region of the scapula; but cases of this type are very infrequent.  

Although pain between shoulder blades may signal that there is something wrong with the tissues, joints, ligaments or muscles around and within the shoulder region, it is not however always the case.  Not all types of pain between shoulder blades are indicative of infection, inflammation, or problems within the scapula region.  Pain between the shoulder blades may be an indicator of a disease other than that which is directly related to infection in the scapula; such pain may be a signal warning from one of the organs of the body.  This type of pain is considered as a€œreferred paina€.  

Shoulder blade pain may signal any pain from another part of the body the severity of which may range from mild to severe.  Thus, the pain may be a referred pain from the lower part of the neck, or from the lower part of the back.  This may be caused by too much stress or too much time spent in front of the computer.  This may also indicate a posture problem.  If the person has a bad posture, the spine may be affected and therefore it refers the stress and pressure to the shoulder blade area.  

On the other hand, pain between shoulder blades may indicate severe medical problems or conditions in the other organs of the body.  It may mean an impending heart attack; it has been documented that prior to a heart attack, most are experiencing pain between their shoulder blades.  Gallbladder disease may also manifest in the form of pain between shoulder blades.  This may oftentimes be accompanied by vomiting.  It may also be caused by liver cancer and esophageal cancer or cancer in the esophagus due to an abnormal growth of cells and tumors in a person’s esophagus.

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7 thoughts on “What Is Lupus And What Causes It

  1. destiny18_au

    Can Lupus cause panic attacks?
    Okay I have been wondering about this for some time now I have a Professor in Immunology that I see for my Lupus but he is really old and stuck in his old fashion ways he has neglected to tell me a lot of things about Lupus just recently I found out that Lupus can effect the brain and depression is a part of this condition which I did not know so does anyone know if Lupus can also cause panic attacks ? What other problems can it cause with your brain besides depression ?

    1. Webspanner

      Usually, only specialists in Nephrology and Rheumatology can give you the right answers for your confusions, but the net is also wide open and loaded with a lot of references regarding this disease.

      I’m a man and I have SLE with Nephritis (kidney inflammation) complication. What I can share is that, with systemic lupus erythematosus, all major organs are indeed affected by the disease and that also include your brain. Mood swings and unexplainable fears would manifest themselves at any given time (along with panic and other confusing behavior).

      It would be nice if your family is well-abreast with what lupus is all about, as I’m sure you’ll find comfort and immediate assistance from them at any time you feel lost. Also, go look for any support groups in your area. Attending sessions with them can be helpful as well.

      Having lupus alone makes up for a lot of things that weren’t there before. You really need to seek an internist’s help as soon as possible. Self-medicating (like what I did before I went to a hospital) will only batter your kidneys. Thus, in my case, it was deemed contributory to my kidneys’ weakened state. Better with those who knows than trying things on your own.

      Doctors can very well help you control your lupus’ spread with the right medicines and other necessary treatments (i.e., bone-density x-rays, physical therapy for arthritic problems, chemotherapy for quick control of the condition and a kidney biopsy, done once every 3 years). Scary to read but that’s how it is. Most people with lupus usually get hit in the kidneys because these organs of ours help our body filter any toxins that we ingest in ourselves. And that includes food, vitamins, other medications, alcohol, juices and water. Go get that necessary help, kid!

      You can free your mind from thinking unnecessary things by taking up a hobby (reading the Bible, any other book you like, walking to parks or bicycling around your neighborhood). Go listen to your favorite music (dance like nothing is going on) or watch your DVD collection. Or anything that keeps you from feeling depressed, fearful, confused, etc.

      Be at peace in any way you want it. Don’t think too much beyond what your negative emotions tell you. Your sanity depends much on what you honestly believe. 🙂

  2. termn8or3000

    Why does Lupus cause me the inability to sleep at night? besides the pain it is just plain impossible to sleep
    and why does it allow water to form around the lungs and heart as in me? Why am i given information by some m.d’s that life expectancy is low while others have different opinions? it is very hard to know what to expect when the experts don’t agree. I also have crohns(20 yrs)and fibromyalgia. anyone else out there familiar with these conditions? if so what are the chances of having all these together as i do? and ,any suggestions?

  3. lwa519

    Swollen red wrist after drug-induced lupus diagnosis?
    I was recently diagnosed with Drug-Induced Lupus caused by an antibiotic I was taking long-term. I stopped taking the antibiotic that caused it about two weeks ago but I still have really severe joint pain. Today, my wrist was extremely painful and the side of it is actually very swollen and turning bright red. Is this normal? What can I do to help it? I’m already taking Ibuprofen.


  4. Zach

    How is the disease Lupus caused?
    I just found out that Lady Gaga has it and I want to know more about it. Also, what happens to you when you have Lupus? THANKS!!!

    1. Miuccia

      Well, she’s border line positive, so she doesn’t have it yet, but it is more likely that she will get it.
      It’s genetic, her Aunt died of Lupus in I think ’76. Lupus can cause skin rashes, mouth sores, I’ve heard of some women being infertile, But i don’t think that happens to every woman with lupus. Joint pain is the biggest thing. Heart palpitations, trouble, breathing and fatigue(Which Gaga has experienced and cancelled shows because of). Lupus can be as minor as discomfort and as severe as death. but with current medical advances death is unlikely. I’m not a doctor these are just things i’ve read online, Because i’m a Gaga fan

  5. Sami

    What does Lupus cause?
    My doctor is going to run some blood tests on Thursday to find out if I have Lupus, I’m 16 and I don’t know what it can cause but I have heard that it is very serious. I’m worried and scared! Someone please tell me what might happen to me if I have Lupus.
    My doctor is aware that I am on birth control. My symptoms are fatigue, discoloration of the skin, sore and swollen joints, overrall sickly feeling, dizziness, nausea,etc.

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