If your doctor has told you that you have Thrombocytopenia it means your platelet count is below less than 150,000 platelets per micro liter of blood. So now you are asking yourself “what causes low platelets and is this a serious problem?”

This can be a problem because with low platelets you increase the risk of bleeding, especially from the nose and gum line and you bruise more easily. And if platelets are below 150K than they could drop lower causing internal bleeding. The good thing is platelets need to get pretty low (10K) for that to happen.

What causes low platelets? There are many causes and it is important to identify. To do this your doctor will have to run a series of test, working to eliminate as many possibilities as he can. First he will consider the conditions that cause the bone marrow to stop producing enough platelets.

Certain types of cancers of the lymph system or leukemia can be the culprits. But in most cases test are negative. A viral infection can interfere with blood counts and if discovered a treatment of antibiotics will be in order.

Low platelets can be caused by some medications, vitamin deficiencies and even excessive alcohol consumption. These also can interfere with the bone marrow production. In rare cases it could be a genetic condition.

In many cases the bone marrow is producing enough platelets but they are being removed too fast from the blood. Again viruses and drugs could be causing this. Another possibility, and this is being seen more and more is an autoimmune disease where platelets are being targeted and destroyed. ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) is where the immune system actually produces antibodies against its own platelets, destroying them.

There is a very rare case caused by pregnancy or an overwhelming infection where the clotting mechanism is activated for no reason (DIC). Small clots form through out the body using up the platelets causing the counts to drop. With this a person is usually very ill.

Sometimes a lab error can cause a false reading on your blood counts. Repeating the test will expose this. A second opinion is always recommended before treatment is wasted on something that doesn’t exist.

The bottom line is that much can be done to increase platelets before they get so low as to be life threatening. You will need to be involved in your diagnosis and treatments. Another words be personally responsible for your health. Make needed changes in your life style if necessary just don’t expect the doctor to do it all with pills.

There are many ways to increase platelets naturally without harsh drugs that can damage the body with serious side effects. Many have discovered ways to increase platelets that their doctors did not even consider. Be sure your doctor is willing to cooperate with you in this regard.I suggest a nutritional orientated doctor or a naturopathic doctor. Good health to you.

86 thoughts on “What Is Lupus Disease Symptoms Of Lupus

  1. Box

    What are the symptoms of parkinsons, graves , lupus and addison disease?
    Can these illnesses start suddenly or gradually over many years while the person does not feel any symptoms


    1. Mags

      These disease can take years to be recognized as the symptoms can develop slowly in Lupus, Addison’s and Parkinson’s disease. Grave’s disease can be preceded by a traumatic event. As you can see, there are many common symptoms so differential diagnoses become problematic.

      * Autoimmune diseases *
      Joint pain or swelling
      Muscle Pain
      Fever with no knnown cause
      Red Rashes especially the “butterfly rask: in bose and cheeks
      Sun sensitivity – skin leisions with sun exposure
      Mouth sores
      Hair loss
      Renaud’s phenomenon
      Sjortness of breath
      Chest pain
      Dry eyes
      Easy bruising
      Weight loss or weight gain
      Memory loss

      Graves’ Disease
      Depression Anxiousness, Mood Fluctuations
      Unusually fast pulse
      Irregular heartbeat
      High blood pressure
      Sudden weight loss
      Irregular menses
      Decreased fertility
      Recurrent miscarriage
      Nausea and vomiting
      Heart palpitations
      Trembling hands – Tremor
      Heat intolerance
      Light Sensitivity
      Muscle weakness
      Enlarged thyroid gland
      Bulging, reddened eyes – blurred vision or double vision
      Elevated fever/higher body temp

      Addison’s disease
      (adrenocortical hypofunction, insufficiency) note (Grave’s disease is a risk factor)
      Changes in blood pressure (low) and/or heart rate
      Skin darkening or patchy skin color or Paleness
      Muscle weakness – Fatigue
      Loss of appetite’Mouth leisions (inside of cheek)
      Nausea and vomiting
      Salt craving
      Slow movement
      Weight loss
      Irregular or absent menses

      * Neurodegenerative disease *
      Parkinson’s disease
      Slow movement (bradykinesia/akinesia)
      Sleep disorders (including insomnia)
      Tremors (begin as resting tremor) (sensation of internal tremor)
      Postural instability – stooped posture, shuffling gait, balance issues
      Freezing gait
      Rigidity/Stiffness- frozen shoulder
      Vision problems – blurred vision
      Weight loss
      ‘Skin changes – oily/dry
      Loss of sense of smell
      Loss of cognitive skills
      Swallowing problems
      Speech/voice problems (soft voice)
      Leg drag, loss of arm swing
      Urinary issues
      Loss of automatic movements – facial mask
      Loss of cognitive skills

  2. RegalsJoeWrangler

    Do I have the Disease Lupus?
    i went to the docter today because of some symptoms ive been having. My hands turn green and blue and they tingle. Im constantly tired and im very stiff. Sometimes i get rashes. My docter sunt me to get blood work done and she wants to check if i have Lupus. What are the symptoms of lupus? Does it sound like i might have it? What do i do if im diagnosed with Lupus? Please let me know asap!

  3. Beebop

    Has anyone in Yahoo-land had any experience (first-hand or otherwise) with the disease Lupus?
    I am now being tested for this disease (I show some of the “classic” symptoms – unexplained rashes, the facial butterfly rash, fatigue, arthritis, weight loss – and am looking for help in dealing with the disease if I do have it. What drugs have provided relief for you? Alternative therapies?
    I am being tested right now thru my doctor’s office.

    1. angel

      yes…hubby had SLE….a severe form. Plenty of websites giving help and remedies through diet and excercise to ease symptoms. Good luck xxx also, you could search “lupus” or “SLE” in answers here…

  4. alli

    Is it normal for people with autoimmune diseases ie lupus to have irregular periods?
    I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (symptoms of lupus) and fibromyalgia and sometimes I get really irregular periods where I have my cycle twice in a month. I’ve also had tests done where I wasn’t even on my period where they would find a tiny bit of blood in my urine but I wasn’t even actually on my period but the docs kind of passed it off as not that big of a deal. I’d definitely like to go to a good gyne doctor but none of my docs have been willing to get me a referral even when I’m having some problems. Anyways what I would like to know is if these kinds of things are normal in autoimmune diseases.

    Only Mature Answers Please

    1. Espressowhip

      Irregular periods are normal for everyone. Spotting between periods happens to everyone.

      In school they teach us the period will come every 28 days, perfectly, it’ll go 4-7 days, and stop. And then 28 days later, the same routine.

      What they don’t tell us is that’s the ideal scenario. The truth is that it’s unusual to have a perfect period without spotting. Also, as you get older and your hormones change, so does your body’s response to the changing hormones and your cycle can change too. There is nothing constant about the way a woman bleeds.

  5. Mirko F

    Symptoms that are similar to Lupus?
    The girl that I love just recently came back from the doctor and is being tested for Lupus. She has the most common symptom of Lupus (Painful/swollen joints and muscle pain), and she is still fairly young at 24. She is worried that she may have the disease mainly because her cousin had discovered it at the same age. She is equally afraid that she may never be able to have kids (which is what brings her the most happiness in her life).

    What’s odd is that she doesn’t have many of the other symptoms of Lupus, such as fevers, butterfly rashes, sensitivity to the sun, hair loss, swollen glands, etc.

    Are there any other possible conditions that could share the same symptoms of lupus, but is not lupus?

    1. Linda R

      There are 4 types of lupus: cutaneous or discoid, systemic, drug induced and neonatal. The symptoms you listed are for systemic.

      Lupus is an unpredictable disease. Over the course of one’s life it can change in the way it affects the body. No one can predict that. There are no odds.

      Many other diseases have similar symptoms. That is why lupus is called the great imitator. Rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease and a host of others have the similar symptoms. There is no definitive lab test for lupus, although the majority of lupus patients will have a positive ANA at some point, other things like pregnancy, can cause the same result. Some lupus patients have a false positive for syphllis.

      The majority of lupus patients, if they follow their treatment regimen and are proactive, can live a normal life span and have children. However, lupus pregnancies should be treated as high risk and many will result in premature births. If she has antiphospholipid anitbody syndrome, a clotting disorder, pregnancy will be much more difficult.

      If she does have lupus, it’s not the end of the world. She may have lupus but lupus doesn’t have her.

      Best wishes.

  6. J

    Is cracking skin tissue on the feet a possible symptom of lupus? what could cause this?
    I don’t really wanna freak out, and I don’t think my mom has lupus (of course I have no way of knowing now), but she was stating that the skin tissue on the bottom of her feet was cracking and breaking, creating almost what are cuts all over her feet. She said she is concerned that if this is apparent in other tissue she may have lupus. What could cause something like this sort of reaction to skin tissue? Is cracking skin tissue a symptom of lupus? She has degenerative disc disease if that information is good for evaluation.

    1. architeuthis666

      Where on earth did she get the idea cracked feet could be caused by lupus? Cracked heels and feet are a very common problem–she just needs to see a good podiatrist. Symptoms of lupus are things like swelling, arthritis-like symptoms, fever and rashes, and fatigue.

  7. Grace

    Please don’t give up. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe in a God that heals even when the doctors say that a disease is incurable. A friend of mine was told that she had ovarian cancer and that she would never have children…..we and many other Christians prayed that Jesus would heal her, and she became pregnant just a few years ago! There is a God who heals out there, His name is Jesus Christ and all you have to do is invite Him into your heart and life and ask Him to heal you. You can pray this prayer sincerely: Lord Jesus, please come into my life and be my Savior and Lord. Please forgive my sins, and give me the gift of eternal life.
    You need the faith and faith comes by the word of God(the bible) meditate on healing scriptures from the Holy Bible and the Lord will heal you if you believe and ask Him to heal you. His will is for you to be healed.
    The Lord healed my grandmother of Lukemia, and he healed my little girl I almost lost her. Don’t worry just put your trust in Jesus and be patient, He will heal you.

  8. dedom19

    Is this enough reason to be checked for Lupus?
    I am in my early 20s. In June 09 I had a blister on my thumb, that became infected after going into the ocean. A red line traveled up my arm so I went to the ER and received an IV antibiotic for a possible Strep infection (Cellulitus). I was also prescribed an antibiotic to take for a week. This resolved the problem. However, immediately after being off the antibiotic I developed jock itch (yeast) which I found is common after discontinued use of an antibiotic. I treated that with cream and rid myself of it completely. About 2 weeks later I developed hives. Now I have had theses hives since August. So for about 3 months now. They are mostly on my belly, less on my chest, even less on my arms. The hives are white in color, and only the size of mosquito bites, but seem to flare up slightly and turn red the day after heavy drinking. Which I’ve done twice since their first appearance, and have observed the flare up both times. Lupus, Thyroid Disease, or is this probably just chronic hives from some other source such as alcohol, or yeast? At what point and to what extent should I address this? I’ve had no other symptoms of Lupus except for the hives which I’ve read is rare. It is just the recent strep/blood infection and hives combo I’ve had that worries me into thinking this may be worth spending the money on a lupus test.

  9. superchick2314

    I am presenting symptoms of Lupus. What kind of doctor treats Lupus? They are dermatological now, so I am…?
    seeing a dermatologist. Currently I have two different auto-immune responses happening – I just found a two inch in diameter bald spot on the back of my head and I have had two dry skin patches under each of my eyes, looks like the butterfly pattern. The bald spot happened last week and the butterfly patch has been there since October and my doctor cannot make it go away – only temporarily through topical steroids. I am 38 now. Twenty years ago in college, I had vitaligo, which is when your skin looses pigment under my left eye – I remember not being able to tan there, eve a self-tanner would not change the color in that one spot. I had a TIA – mini stroke when I was 25 and have no other symptoms of heart disease. I had HELLP when I was pregant. That is where your liver is inflammed and your body stops making red blood cells. I had to get 16 units of blood products after I delivered. My son was also premature. I also have a gastro-intestinal condition that my doctors cannot treat.

    1. Linda R

      Rheumatologists treat systemic lupus as well as other autoimmune disorders.

      Scleroderma, mentioned in another answer, is not limited to the skin. It can affect organs, too.

      It sounds like you are very bright and able to descrbie your symptoms and history clearly. That will help you get to a diagnosis. You could quite possibly have several autoimmune disorders in overlap. That’s common.

      Be persistent and make certain that all the doctors you see know what the others have done as far as diagnosis goes. Get a huge, fat looseleaf notebook and keep all your records in it. This will be helpful along the line.

      I hope you find your answer.

    1. Bubba

      This excerpt from the Lupus Foundation website might be helpful, or you can visit the link…

      The most common symptoms of lupus, which are the same for females and males, are:
      extreme fatigue (tiredness)
      painful or swollen joints
      anemia (low numbers of red blood cells or hemoglobin, or low total blood volume)
      swelling (edema) in feet, legs, hands, and/or around eyes
      pain in chest on deep breathing (pleurisy)
      butterfly-shaped rash across cheeks and nose
      sun- or light-sensitivity (photosensitivity)
      hair loss
      abnormal blood clotting
      fingers turning white and/or blue when cold (Raynaud’s phenomenon)
      mouth or nose ulcers

  10. redbeauty

    Could I have the lupus disease?
    Can lupus cause a rash on your vagina lip,ex. red circle painless nor itchy rash on one vagina lip? I have rashes on my legs that are sorta similar to the rashes of lupus on the skin. That doesn’t itch either, n i read up on it and the site showed pics and that the rashes usually doesn’t itch and the are circle n so are mine. I have a daughter and I’m hoping and praying that she doesn’t develop any symptoms like this. I cry about this all the time cause idk what’s causing this or anything and i’m scared. So can lupus cause a lesion in the vagina area too? I have had a false positive for syphilis the vdrl and the rpr was reactive, but the tp-pa was non reactive n the dr at the clinical told me i don’t have it n so did my dr. Anyway they showed me numerous things that could’ve caused the false positive and lupus was on there and whateva is wrong with me is chronic, because that was also on the paper to and so was rhu. arthritis. All serious answers please n thanks n advance. (= I’m calling someone at the lupus clinic later on today and see what they can do for me since i doesn’t have insurance. Hope they can help!
    n i don’t have herpes either… don’t have all those big nasty looking sores in my private area and that was only one time with the thing in the viginal area. N herpes ITCH… DUMB ASS… Know someone who have it.

  11. mhopss

    Is it possible that I have Lupus?
    I have many symptoms that come and go: muscle pain, joint pain, constant stomach aches, extreme fatigue, unusual hair loss, anemia, depression, headaches, dizzy spells, confusion, bad memory, random vision problems, mood swings, random skin irritation, and pale fingers. I have been having on and off symptoms since I was about 16. I’ve seen many doctors, but haven’t listed all of these symptoms all at once so they never suggested it. Could it be Lupus? Or possibly another disease? I’m really nervous as I have heard Lupus is life-threatening. I had to be signed out of school as a senior because of these random symptoms that no one could figure out. They would come and go so I’d just go to the doctor with joint pains, go again with depression, and go again with being tired and what not. Would a normal urine test show if I have Lupus? Or do they have to specifically test for Lupus, as they did not? I’m going to the doctor, but I wanna know if its possible if I have it or not. Thanks
    Also I have irritability, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, difficulty concentrating, theres not many foods I can eat as I feel sick after, I get drunk really easily, diarrhea very often, breathlessness, my legs and feet will randomly fall asleep even if I’m not cutting off circulation, weakness, extreme weight loss due to lack of appetite (lost 40 pounds since May and I’m 18), constant flem/lump in throat feeling, I’ll sometimes feel like I’m on a drug or drunk or have a hangover when I don’t drink or do drugs, I throw up at least once a week, I’ll get really lightheaded and dizzy, I’m really thirsty a lot, heartburn, I’ll feel really antisocial sometimes even though I’m not shy at all, my skin gets dry really easily, I’m told I’m pale, common hot flashes, I feel full after only a few bites of food, constantly sore.. I’ve felt like something serious is wrong with me for a long time. The doctors must not be looking hard enough. There HAS to be something wrong.
    Also, I have very irregular periods. I’ve only had two this year so far. Seriously, if someone has any idea what it could be.. please tell me. I can’t stand this huge list of symptoms and constant problems anymore.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m no doctor but I do have lupus, and although you have some symptoms that are common with lupus, it almost seems like it could be something else. There is no “one” test that confirms lupus, but a few tests combined with your symptoms generally gives a doctor a diagnosis. That’s the bad thing about lupus – everyone’s symptoms are different, and sometimes one symptom can cause other problems outside of lupus.

      Write down all of your symptoms, noting which are most frequent etc., and take it to your doctor. Some docs don’t put 2 + 2 together until they see everything at once.

      A lupus specialist is usually a Rheumatologist, so your doc may send you to one if he suspects it is something auto-immune related. That’s something else, too… there are many diseases closely related to lupus, so even if you get negative lupus test results, don’t give up! It’s a tough group of diseases to diagnose. Sometimes it takes years to get a proper diagnosis, but more & more docs are understanding it these days.

      By the way… lupus doesn’t have to be fatal, as long as the patient takes good care of themselves, has their regular blood work to keep an eye on things, and has a GOOD doctor! 🙂

      Best of luck!

  12. e_long21

    Has anyone been diagnosed with Lupus or misdiagnosed?
    Ok, so here’s my problem. Last April I had kidney failure and the doctors could not find the problem that was causing it. They finally came to the conclusion that I had Lupus. First, he was going to do a kidney biopsy to test for it, but said it was not necessary because he was 99.9% sure. Now, I’ve been researching this disease and from what I’ve read, Lupus is hard to diagnose. I’ve finally decided to get a second opinion, because frankly I’m tired of taking all of these pills everyday, and if I don’t need them, why take them. I do not have any of the symptoms of Lupus, and the ones that I did have (swelling, fatigue, protein and blood in urine) can also be associated with kidney failure. Anyone have any experience in this??? I am going on the 22nd for more test from another doctor, but was just curious as to what I can expect, because I ask questions at my doctor and they brush them off because he is so called 99.9% sure (well I’m not buying it anymore). Any input will help. Thanks

    1. YesImAnR.N.

      You’re right – it IS hard to diagnose.

      Definitely go for the second opinion. See a rheumatologist, a doctor who specializes in auto-immune disorders.

      And if it’s negative for lupus – go see a nephrologist (kidney specialist) to find out what’s going on with your kidneys.

  13. Holly

    What could be causing my hives?
    For the past four years my entire body has been covered with hives along with “knots” in my hands, feet, and face that come with a burning, deep itchy sensation. At times my feet will swell to three times their normal size; this is different from the knots that appear in that when my entire foot swells it is extremely tender rather than itchy, to the point of being unable to walk. The severity of this situation varies in severity but has never completely ceased in four years. I am a 21 year old female in great health aside from the hives and swelling. I have seen 27 different doctors in the past four years in hopes of finding a solution; or at the very least, a cause. I have undergone all standard allergy testing, the allergy patch test, a skin biopsy; as well as eliminating foods and soaps, etc. from my lifestyle one thing at a time hoping that it was simply an undiscovered allergy. I have gone through multiple sets of blood work, ultrasounds, fluid samples and exen xrays testing for most major diseases and cancers with similar symptoms; lupus, thyroid, heart disease, etc., I have also been told that it is not gout or anything of that nature.
    I am in constant discomfort and am desperately searching for an answer.

    1. Toxic

      I am not sure what could be causing it but, If your situation has lasted that long its probably something your always around or always eating.

  14. Holly

    What can cause severe hives and swelling?
    For the past four years my entire body has been covered with hives along with “knots” in my hands, feet, and face that come with a burning, deep itchy sensation. At times my feet will swell to three times their normal size; this is different from the knots that appear in that when my entire foot swells it is extremely tender rather than itchy, to the point of being unable to walk. The severity of this situation varies in severity but has never completely ceased in four years. I am a 21 year old female in great health aside from the hives and swelling. I have seen 27 different doctors in the past four years in hopes of finding a solution; or at the very least, a cause. I have undergone all standard allergy testing, the allergy patch test, a skin biopsy; as well as eliminating foods and soaps, etc. from my lifestyle one thing at a time hoping that it was simply an undiscovered allergy. I have gone through multiple sets of blood work, ultrasounds, fluid samples and exen xrays testing for most major diseases and cancers with similar symptoms; lupus, thyroid, heart disease, etc., I have also been told that it is not gout or anything of that nature.
    I am in constant discomfort and am desperately searching for an answer.

    1. tom m

      what hospitals have you been to?
      try calling Loma Linda, California hospital it is a University hospital! thy are great at finding out problems out. like this one!!

  15. Holly

    What could be the cause of severe hives and swelling?
    For the past four years my entire body has been covered with hives along with “knots” in my hands, feet, and face that come with a burning, deep itchy sensation. At times my feet will swell to three times their normal size; this is different from the knots that appear in that when my entire foot swells it is extremely tender rather than itchy, to the point of being unable to walk. The severity of this situation varies in severity but has never completely ceased in four years. I am a 21 year old female in great health aside from the hives and swelling. I have seen 27 different doctors in the past four years in hopes of finding a solution; or at the very least, a cause. I have undergone all standard allergy testing, the allergy patch test, a skin biopsy; as well as eliminating foods and soaps, etc. from my lifestyle one thing at a time hoping that it was simply an undiscovered allergy. I have gone through multiple sets of blood work, ultrasounds, fluid samples and exen xrays testing for most major diseases and cancers with similar symptoms; lupus, thyroid, heart disease, etc., I have also been told that it is not gout or anything of that nature.
    I am in constant discomfort and am desperately searching for an answer.

  16. Roland'sMommy

    A question about Lupus?
    I’ve been dealing with severe joint pain in my legs for the last several months,so I decided to see a doctor.
    Evidently the problems I’ve been having are classis Lupus symptoms. She took just about half my blood for a bunch of tests, and gave me some pain medication and steroids to take while I’m waiting.
    I started taking the meds and I’m feeling a lot better already, so I’m guessing that’s a sign it’s either Lupus or some other auto-immune disease. I’ve done a lot of reading already, and the more I read, the more it seems like this really is what I’ve got.
    So, what should I expect? This may sound silly, but my major concern is taking steriods for extended periods. My mother, my uncle and cousin all have Crohn’s disease & took steroids for long periods, and they’ve never been able to lose the weight. I’m just curious about what to expect as far as steroids and weight gain goes. Any insight in general?
    I’ve already been to tons of websites, I’m looking more for personal info

    1. christibro40

      Hi Im Chris, I have had lupus a long time, and have been on steroids off and on for a good 12 years. at this point, I wont take them, at this point not so much for weight but other side effects. I was on them once for I think 2 years straight. I did gain about 100 pounds. I hated it. But they did take me off, for me they just didnt work, and they eventually changed my medications, to Imuran and then methotrexate. Once off the medications I lost all the weight within 8 months, it melted of like water. Today I wont take them, because they make me an insulan dependant diabetic, give me migranes and a host of other things. Like you Autoimmunes tend to run high in my family. My mother has somthing called polymalgia rhuematica, a cousin has Crorhn’s, and another autoimune thyroid disease.. Those I know little about. But lupus I sure can help you with.
      If your just now noticing signs of it which it sounds like, with the joint pain, you may also begin to notice that you may start having some skin issues, like photosensitivity (you cant go in the sun, or be in ultraviolet lighting, most stores use that, and being in it a long time is like sunlight), you may get a butterfly rash which bridges across your nose and your cheecks. you may get different types of rashes anywhere else on your body, sun exposed or not, you may get low grade fevers, muscle pain, fatigue, sometimes you may experience mild to moderate cognitive problems, like what is called brain fog, ability to think clearly, sometimes, get your words into sentances the way you would like, you may find your self stumbling when you walk a bit, etc. Those were a lot of my early problems. Also, I noticed my hands, feet and ankles would swell and go down, usually when hot outside, then I would be ok, after putting them up, drinking a lot of water or the next day. you may have some months where you may show that your a bit anemic, or your blood counts show some kind of non-specific infection, which they will give you antibiotics for. Some Lupus paitents have major organ involvment, some do not.. it stays contained mainly to the symptoms and issues I mentioned above. In my case I am considered to have mainly Liver involvment and central nervous system involvment (my brain at times can be very bad, to where I need chemo to get swelling down), others have heart, lung, kidney (lupus nerphritis) involvment. Lupus dosnt discriminate, it can go after any body organ, or part. for the most part ( I co own a lupus support group) I have noticed most seem to dodge major organ involvment, but a lot become anemic, have minor to severe (Im the most severe that I know of with central nervous system issues), some occasionally may get like kidney stone which clear up, or tend towards brhoncitis, and minor things that can be taken care of.

      From all my years of doing research moderating and owning online message boards/support groups, its the ones that keep the most poitive attitudes that tend to keep the most normal lives, no matter how ill they are. They tend to look on the bright side, and not see the what if’s. They are well informed, have better support, either from family, friends, support groups in their community or online, or all. They listen to their bodies and know when to rest. They dont worry about every little ache and pain, they comply with doctors orders, they know how to continue laughing (that my dear is a must). We still live our lives though we have some glitches. Lupus isnt a life sentance, we just have to modify a bit.

      Also, since I wont do the prednison train, I must add there are all kinds of classes of medications to help those with Lupus. Once confirmed the first thing they will put you on is Plaquinil, it is an antimalarial, and for somereason, it helps to slow down a lupus paitents overactive immune systems a bit, and protect our skin, reason unkown. there are other classes of medicaton, mainly immunosuppresent and immunosupressent/chemotherapy agents. but your a long way from that my friend. You said youve been doing some research, but I will leave you with several links. Ill also leave you with the support group link, we have many vetren diagnosed like me, we constantly do reserach, we have newly diagnosed, and some waiting to be diagnosed.
      My best
      Oh here are the 11 lupus critera you need 4 to have lupus.
      Diagnostic criteria for lupus
      The following criteria are used to distinguish lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE) from other autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.

      A person with 4 of these 11 conditions can be diagnosed with lupus; 3 symptoms suggest that lupus is probably present, and 2 raise the possibility of lupus. Symptoms may be present all at once or appear in succession over a period of time. 1

      Butterfly (malar) rash on cheeks
      Rash on face, arms, neck, torso (discoid rash)
      Skin rashes that result from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light (photosensitivity)
      Mouth or nasal ulcers, usually painless
      Joint swelling, stiffness, pain involving two or more joints (arthritis)
      Inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis). This inflammation is called serositis.
      Abnormalities in urine, such as increased protein or clumps of red blood cells or kidney cells, called cell casts, in the urine
      Nervous system problems, such as seizures or psychosis, without known cause
      Problems with the blood, such as reduced numbers of red blood cells (anemia), platelets, or white blood cells
      Positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) test
      Signs of increased autoimmunity (antibodies against normal tissue), as shown by laboratory tests

  17. Me

    what can I do for this Lupus symptom?
    My daughter is 13 and has Lupus. She is experiencing bad arthritis in her knees for the past 2 weeks. Her doctor gave her a med. called naproxen but its not doing much for her. I also bought bengay to rub in the area but its not helping much either. She is missing alot of school because of this. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do . Maybe you know of this disease or you have it . Ive also used hot compress’ on her knees but that only gave temporary relief. Thanks to those willing to give their helpful advice.

    1. Bearcat

      My daughter is 23 and has lupus. She is currently working on her master’s degree at UGA. Her main symptom seems to be in the form of getting tired easily. She has had her elbows get stiff and lock up but (thank God) this occurs very rarely.

      Her doctor has given her medication but I am not sure what (it is something other than naproxen). If you feel that your doctor is not pursuing the problem as aggressively as you would like, talk to him about it. You could also get a second opinion from another doctor.

      I know some people take Glucosamine and Condroiton for joint conditions.

      Unfortunately so little is known about Lupus and it comes in so many forms that it is difficult to diagnose and treat. If you don’t have lupus or have a family member that has it, most people don’t understand how frustrating the disease is and helpless you feel at times.

      You should definitely see if your doctor can help more or seek a specialist (yes, there are lupus specialists).

      God bless you and your daughter. I hope you can get her more relief from this aggravating disease.

  18. Lulin the Nephilim

    Peculiar symptoms..? What’s wrong with me?
    If you are not in the medical field or studying medicine or have not experienced these symptoms as well, then please don’t give your input. If you know someone that has had these symptoms, that is acceptable, I am willing to hear anyones opinion except from those that have no idea what they are talking about or have something nasty to say.
    I have a long list of symptoms; I am not a hypochondriac; I don’t have insurance so I can’t see a doctor about it right now.
    I have nearly all the symptoms of Lupus and Cushings Disease, but my previous doctor last year dismissed my concerns and diagnosed me with Poly cystic Ovarian Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Hepatitis B. My PCOS diagnoses was just him saying he’s sure I have that because of some symptoms. I had blood work and my ovaries came back just fine, yet I was still diagnosed with PCOS anyway.
    Ok, symptoms: Daily fatigue, awful back and shoulder pain, upper body obesity, a rounded face, increased fat around the neck, and relatively slender arms and legs,bruises easily, and heals poorly., never developed breasts, no period for over a year (I’m 25), thinning hair on scalp, but hirotism (excessive body hair), stomach discomfort, urine smells very strong of ammonia without signs that it’s a UTI. Dark circles under my eyes, excessive thirst, bright red cheeks, diagnosed with osteoperosis I’m 25!!! skin problems including frequent acne around my chin (I never had acne as a teen), Depression & Anxiety, Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms (the excess production of keratin, creates a goose-bump appearance), boils and bumps on butt, now a rash on my butt! I know I sound disgusting, but please don’t make me feel worse than I already do about myself. Please help me out if you are familiar with these problems… I’m sure I have other problems that I’m not contributing to the list, so if you want to ask if I have other symptoms, please ask and I will answer asap.
    Thank you both for your responses, however – I have already been tested numerous times for thyroid problems and they function very well. As for diabeties, my fasting glycemia level is 79-80, so I’m nowhere near diabeties, I’m closer to hypoglycemia, but not that either. As for meningitus, I was also tested for that a while ago and that was negative. I have Hep B. so that could explain a liver problem, since Hep B eats at your liver when in flare. I was told to keep an eye on a stomach rash or soreness around the liver, which I don’t have. So I’m not concerned about a liver problem right now. Anyone else have any ideas?
    My BMI is high, it’s 27. I am just below obesity, which really sucks. I used to be very thin and active – age 20/21 I was 80lbs lighter and much more active. Over 5 years I have gained 80lbs and pain has overwhelmed me to the point where I am not as active. I play with my son and I am a postal worker – so I get mild/moderate exercise, but at the end of the day, I’m wiped out and in pain. For osteo – I consume a lot of Vit D and normally take supplements. Lupus, I was unaware of the plastics! I am constantly drinking from plastic bottles and cans without washing. I only run my fruits & veggies under a cold tap for maybe 30 seconds before consuming… so I guess that’s bad. Steroids, I can’t recall ever taking any – but it’s possible.

  19. heatherrxx33

    My mom has lupus, help please!?
    My mom has a severe case of Lupus. I understand what the disease is and how it affects the body.

    Are there any home remedies that help with swelling and the other symptoms of Lupus?

    1. Katelyn

      I have two aunts that have lupus.One you can barely tell she has it, but she keeps it under control. The other just simply looks really bad especially in her face. The difference is, my aunt that looks really bad dwells on it and is lazy. My other aunt, even when she has really bad flare-ups, goes on with her life as normal as possible. She stays really active and that seems to help. I have not heard them talk about any home remedies other than eating really healthy. I sympathize with you. Good luck to both of you!!!

  20. Mark S

    How many other Men out there have Lupus, Those people with Lupus 9 out of ten are Women.?
    If nine out of ten people with the disease are women, Then what are the actual figures of Men who have the disease?
    Are there more Diastolic cases vs Sytemic in Men ?
    I would like to talk to some Men out there that have the disease and see what their symptoms are and what they use for treatments. and are they effective?

  21. Joe

    What criteria did the LFA have in estimating the prevalence of American Lupus?
    I’ve always wondered what criteria the Lupus Foundation of America used to create their “1.5 million people country-wide” estimate. Especially, since it seems to run contrary to almost every other major study conducted on the subject. Since Lupus is considered “the disease with a thousand faces”, wouldn’t it be particularly difficult to estimate a condition, with so many symptoms, over the phone. Fatigue, joint pains, and muscle pains are symptoms of a whole slew of medical problems. Couple that with a positive ANA (which occurs in twenty percent of the healthy population) and you’re bound to skew numbers. Whenever someone presents with symptoms even remotely suggesting Lupus, many doctors and even patients are quite quick to jump on the Lupus bandwagon. This seems to suggest a specific mind-set and medical culture surrounding the disease. Perhaps, that’s why the television show “House MD” always seems to be poking fun at the patients and medical staff who, with every other potential diagnosis, suggest Lupus. General estimates seems to be in the range of a prevalence of 300,000-500,000 people, yet the LFA has almost tripled that. Why is that?

    1. Linda R

      Most of the lower estimates are older estimates.

      The reason newer numbers are higher is because doctors are better at diagnosing lupus now. Additionally, if you developed lupus 30 years ago you could be expected to die within 5 years. Now you can expect to live a relatively normal life span. So there are more lupus patients who have been properly diagnosed and more who live longer after diagnosis.

      The LFA did an extensive phone survey, much like other phone surveys, calling a large number of people randomly and then extrapolating the data to the general population.

      Some diseases are reported to the government (CDC) including the big killers like cancer and heart disease as well as contagious diseases. There is no reporting mechanism for lupus. Some researchers have based their data on hospital discharges which can be misleading: not all lupus patients get hospitalized, the discharge may say something other than lupus, for example, pericarditis and pleurisy even though it was the lupus that caused the problem in the first place.

      The reason lupus is called the disease with a thousand faces or the great imitator is because it manifests differently from patient to patient and because the symptoms are similar to many other diseases. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to obtain a diagnosis. On top of that there is no definitive biomarker for lupus.

      The immunofluorescent pattern seen in the ANA is more significant than having a positive ANA in the first place. 10 million Americans have a positive ANA. 5% of lupus patients will have a negative ANA. A speckled ANA is indicative of the probability of lupus, while other patterns may indicate scleroderma or Sjogrens.

      And contrary to your opinion that doctors and patients are quick to jump on the lupus bandwagon, the opposite is true. The majority of lupus patients take 3-5 years to obtain an accurate diagnosis and see as many doctors along the way.

      I would be interested to know what just half a dozen of your “every major study” sources.

      And I would really like to have a reference (other than your own perception) that “Whenever someone presents with symptoms even remotely suggesting Lupus, many doctors and even patients are quicke to jump on the lupus bandwagon.”

      Not only do I have systemic lupus with very major organ involvement that nearly killed me in 2003 and went undiagnosed for 38 YEARS, I also work with lupus patients on a daily basis.

  22. The One

    Positive ANA, Lupus or something else?
    For a few years i have had many symptoms, was diagnosed with Diabetes and Celiac Disease (an autoimmune disorder) and I have symptoms such as bone/joint pain, tiredness, fatigue, back/neck/shoulder pain, headaches in the back of the head, anxiety, depression, a facial rash that seems to worsen with sun exposure, heat and sun sensitivity and I had a few Lupus tests about two years ago that came back negative.

    These symptoms and many others seem to come and go, such as the neck pain it will come and go in intervals of few weeks. Now I had a ANA test done two weeks ago because my rheumatologist was concerned that Lupus is still a possibility. I had to go get my results on Tuesday but from a different doctor, a general practitioner and seemed to not know anything about medicine.

    She told me all my tests were negative and i did not believe it, so I asked her if she was sure so she sowed me the results on the computer screen and I saw several positive or “high” tests. One of them was ANA, it was possitive, so i asked her what that meant and she said ‘its nothing, its a nonspecific test, dont worry about it”… is this true? should I not worry about it? and if it is so not important, why did my rheumatologist order it in the first place?

    Can you have only ANA test positive and no other antibody for lupus and still have Lupus?

    1. mgunnycappo

      Let me actually answer your question. An ANA test is a non specific test that shows the existence of an auto immune disease. It isn’t specific for Lupus. That being said, there are other tests for Lupus that can rule Lupus IN but not OUT.

      An Anti-DS-DNA, Anti-RO, Anti-SM are all tests that will help in a Lupus diagnosis. About 30% of people with Lupus will test positive for these tests. If you do test positive then you have Lupus. If you test negative you can still have Lupus.

      With your symptoms it sounds very much like Lupus. I would get copies of all your lab work and research it on the web. Then go to your doctor with specific questions about each positive result. Talk to them about your symptoms and ask what they think it is. Don’t take, “I don’t know” for an answer. If they say this then tell them to find out.

      Unfortuately, there are a lot of doctors out there who are uneducated about Lupus. Many of them just pass you on to someone else or worse yet, explain your symptoms away. You’ll have to be a thorn in their sides until you obtain your diagnosis. Whether or not you have Lupus, you need to be an advocate for your own health care. Good Luck to you!

  23. befuddled

    Would someone with Lupus be willing to tell me more about the disease?
    I tested positive for Lupus, but don’t appear to have any symptoms. I’ve looked it up on line, I’m not looking for those kinds of answers. I’ve read about the symptoms and things. I guess I want to hear from people who have it, what do you deal with? What are your symptoms? How has it affected your life? Thank you for your help.

    Serious answers only, please.

    1. reifguy

      first i dont have it,second since u tested but asymptomatic i suggest u confirm becoz lupus is more of symptomatic before tests come positive ,on the long run some get many complicatiosn and problems so better u get regular examination and follow up with a rheumatologist

  24. kaeylarae

    Coeliac Disease? Systematic Erythromatus Lupus?
    Ok. I have Coeliac or Celiac Disease. I was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I know in some cases SLE can be associated with this. I tick a good few of the boxes with SLE symptoms IE, Rashes that wont go away.On my arms but especially purplish spots on my legs that dont go away when pressed.Also Joint pain in bones and and swelling,depression,severe weight loss,muscle loss..Severe unknown cause of Anaemia requiring regular blood transfusions.I haven’t had a period since i was 32 as I had an Hysterectomy.I have had checks done to see if I am bleeding internally but these were negetive.Seizures and blackouts.poor memory..Just to name a few. My doctor does suspect I have SLE but I haven’t had more intensive tests done as yet. Can anyone tell me a bit more about the possible link between the 2 diseases and also as I am seeing my doctor this Friday.Should I bring the matter up again?. I hate being ill. I just want to know what is happening to me. I have been ill since I was 29 and I am now 38.I lost 7 stone (yes I was hugely overweight) but this was done without dieting.The weight has just fallen off me.I am tired all the time.I don’t sleep well due to the pain I am in and also have Scoliosis of my upper spine.Any info would be of great help.Many Thanks in advance

    1. Ginny Jin

      You definitely have an autoimmune problem. The rashes and blackouts are more suggestive of Lupus. But you can have 2 illnesses at the same time. My opinion is that you have an extremely comprised immune system caused by one of the following – environment (poor living conditions), stress, travel, bad sleep pattern, or excess use of alcohol/caffeine/soda.You no doubt have a wheat/diary intolerance. Cut those. Take magnesium for nerve function. Try pilates.

  25. shayeshayeshaye

    Is there anyone taking CellCept? If so, how long did you take it and what symptoms did you have?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with lupus almost 2 years ago after over 11 years of dealing with various symptoms and flares and kidney disease. Right now I am only taking 1/2 a 250 mg chloroquine tablet once a day but I still have pain and fatigue and my sed rate is going up slowly, which it does during seasonal changes. My doctor wants me to start chemo or steroids, which scares the crap out of me. I saw online that there is something called CellCept that may work to reduce lupus symptoms that may have more tolerable symptoms than chemo, but I don’t want to jump into anything. Can someone who has lupus who has or is using CellCept tell me if it works, how long it works, if you experienced any really bad side effects and if so did you recover? And did the lupus come back? Thank you for your help.

    1. mgnysgtcappo

      My wife has been taking cellcept for her Lupus for the last two and a half years with little side effects. She was a little sick to her stomach at first but now it really doesn’t affect her. It has done wonders for her Lupus flare ups though. She hasn’t had kidney involvement since being on the drug and she is only taking 5 mg of prednisone right now. She also has antiocardiolipid syndrome and takes coumadin to thin her blood. If you have any more questions or would like some more detailed info please feel free to email me

  26. superdiana4000

    What is Lupus, and how treatable is it?
    I was just diagnosed with Lupus, I have a history of Ovarian cancer and have had a full hysterectomy in 04. About six months after my hysterectomy I was diagnosed with LUpus. The problem is I don’t know what it is. I get stiff and puffy and my joints are hard to move, but my doctor doesn’t go into great detail of what this disease does. All they have done is put me on predsnisone, and draw my blood every once in a while. I have had recent symptoms that are new life blurry vision, headache anf REAL stiff joints…….help me, I don’t know where to go

  27. Lordes Skye

    Lupus Question?
    My test results say I may have Lupus, I have some of the symptoms. If you know this disease there is not a 100% + test to confirm this disease. My doctor wasn’t sure and thought I had fibromaylgia. But I know what the symptoms are for fibro and some reasons that may lead to fibro. So I don’t believe I have fibro. Has this ever happened to anyone and do you think I should seek a second opinion? Thanks for the help. Really confused.

    1. fancy

      I was tested pos. for Lupus too with a blood test. I was told a second and possible 3rd was needed to confirm the findings. I think you should go for a second test in a month or so since other things could be the reason for a pos. result for Lupus. Which is why they do it a coupe of times over a predetermined amount of time in between. I wish you health!

  28. plunk656

    Lyme Disease? Lupus? MS?
    About 5 months ago, I got pain in my chest. I went to the doctor and they ran blood test, EKG and diagnosed me with chest wall pain. About two days later, I had real bad diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite and my chest was still hurting off and on. The ER doctor told me to just go home because it was a viral infection and just let it run it’s course. I went home and about 4 days later had to return to my GP because I had a new symptom of burning sensation on my chest and back. He was puzzled and put me on doxycyline because he thought it might be Lyme Disease. After taking it for about 5 days I did get better and thought everything was good. My life was normal for about a month and then one afternoon, it all hit me again. I had the chills, diarrhea, burning sensation on my chest and back, nauseated and lost my appetite. I went back to the doctor and they put me back on the doxycyline and done a Western Blot Lyme test and it came back negative. Since all of this my symptoms just seem to be getting a little worse. I get nauseated about once a day, The burning is releived with Prilocec OTC. I have a little joint pain that comes and goes and I get what seem to be chronic sinus infections and I think I may have an ear infection. I have had an upper endoscopy and they said everything is good. I have tested negative for HIV. I have a low WBC at 3.2. My CBC comes back good. What doctor should I go see for this. My GP acts like he wants to take a wait and see approach. I don’t want to do that. Any help from you all would be great!

    1. Linda R

      The fact that Prilosec helps points to something like GIRD. Low white counts are consistent with lupus. But you don’t seem to have a lot of the significant lupus symptoms. The chest pain that comes with lupus is either inflammation of the heart (pericarditis, endocarditis, myocarditis) or inflammation of the lining of the lungs (pleurisy/pleural effusion). This comes on gradually over weeks and does not leave quickly. I have had both many times. Pain is worse on deep breathing. When you lie down the weight of your rib cage is nearly intolerable.

      But, and this is a big one, I have my first lupus flare when I was 13 and was diagnosed at 51. 38 years! The docs kept saying it was a “virus” and get rest and slow down. Well at 51 I got hauled off in an ambulance because the lupus nearly killed me!

      The thing to remember is that you are sick because there is something wrong, not because you are lazy and not because you ar crazy. You deserve to have your health issues addressed. Keep pursuing a diagnosis.

      In the mean time get in the habit of doing two things. (1) Keep a symptom journal in which you write every day. What are the symptoms, when do they happen, what makes them feel better, what makes them feel worse, how long do they last, how often do they occur, and how much do they interfere with your activities of daily living? (2) Keep a huge notebook with copies of all your medical records, the newest ones on top. They are yours and you have a right to hvae a copy.

      Good luck to you. It doesn’t sound like lupus!

      So, if you don’t get better ask for a referral to a rheumatologist.

  29. Anonymous

    Can someone thoroughly explain lupus symptoms?
    My doctor said I could have an autoimmune disease. I think most of the symptoms are in my head. They said this because they couldn’t find out what’s causing my chest pain and shortness of breath. maybe 3 days later, I started getting severe back pains, and minor pains in my arms and legs. I also don’t understand what they mean by fatigue. I’m tired some times but most of the time I’m up joking and laughing. My back pains are fine in the morning but starts to occur as it gets closer to night. I really need help because it’s driving me crazy doing research and just thinking about it. Plus I won’t know my lab results until 2 weeks from now

    1. Linda R

      First, autoimmune diseases often come in overlap, meaning it you have one you probably have more than one.

      With lupus, symptoms vary widely from patient to patient. 90-95% of us have joint pain and inflammation at some point. Many have pain when they take a deep breath. Most of us have times of extreme fatigue which means you are so tired you can barely take care of yourself. There are others, but they are not the most common.

      Your symptoms could be caused by a variety of different diseases or conditions. Lupus is not easy to diagnose. There is no single labtest for it. Work with your doctor until you find out what is causing you to feel so bad. Don’t give up. It may take some time.

  30. x x

    Lossing patches of hair, Secondary Syphilis, Lupus, RR?
    My boyfriend has been losing patches of his hair in different spots. Some very large and some small. He finally went to the doctors today, and the doctor says that he may either have secondary syphilis, which is a sexually transmitted disease that can hide for years before showing any symptoms, or Lupus, or even RR. All three of these rarely have this symptom he has, and he has no other symptoms of any of them. I think his doctor is fooling him, and hes going to test him for all of them. I forget what they call this hair loss, but from what I’ve read, it can be a cause of something else, or it could have no other cause but may be hereditary. I would like to know if anyone knows any information on this, and what you might think of what the doctor is saying about this?
    I know what the actual hair loss is called, just couldnt remember the name. As for trusting the doctor…That maybe be expected in other areas, but the doctors here have a reputation for giving the wrong diagnosis. They cant tell a broken arm with a bone sticking out of your skin, and a scratch if that helps.

  31. Lady Prism

    People diagnosed with Lupus… need help and info!?
    I do not wish to write a paper about all the details and symptoms, so I’ll just summarize, then ask my question.

    Over the last 5 years, I have had symptoms of EXTREME fatigue, joint pain, canker sores, mild hair loss, etc. I am also anemic (which no amount of iron or B vitamins changes in the slightest). In this time, I have also had a false positive Syphilis test, and chronic kidney stones (3 in 7 years).

    In August of 08, I developed a cough that STILL has not gone away. I have been to TONS of doctors and been diagnosed with pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc, and put on more antibiotics than I care to think of… all the antibiotic treatments actually made me feel worse.

    I also developed a sudden, strange rash on my leg after being out in the sun for a couple days… which also has not gone away. And more recently, I have a light butterfly rash on my face.

    Last month, I finally found a doctor that said “Wow… 8 of the 11 symptoms of Lupus… let’s get you tested.” I was x-rayed to check for Pleurisy (in the lung tissue), and put through about 10 blood tests (also checking for lyme disease, just in case).

    Even after the false positive Syphilis, and the anemia, I tested negative on the ANA test. Kind of. I tested higher than normal, but apparently too low to make a full diagnosis of Lupus.

    What does this mean exactly? Is there such a thing as borderline Lupus? And I know there are a few other diseases that mimic Lupus… but what are they? I know that Fibromyalgia is one of the “mimic” diseases, but would that also account for the blood disorders that I DO have and the rashes?

    I do have another appointment with my doctor in a couple weeks, and I also know that making a Lupus diagnosis can sometimes take a while… but has anyone had the negative ANA issue and still been diagnosed with SLE? And what was your experience… anything I should ask my doctor to look for on the next visit?

    Oh, they did also check my thyroid… everything normal there.

    And should I mention, also, that my symptoms began during pregnancy and have gotten progressively worse? This has been going for about 5 years… and just now I’ve screamed loud enough that I am being taken seriously.

    1. Constance

      Unfortunately it may take years to DX Lupus. I had all of the symptoms you do and saw a Rheumatologist for about 5 years before my ANA was positive. In the 5 years I also had a pos. Scleroderma and Sjogrens. All along my doctor said that probably I would develop Lupus buy it was a wait and see. Keep a diary of your symptoms and continue to see your doctor. Hope this helps.

  32. Michelle L

    Question about Lupus……….?
    -Some fatiuge
    -General discomfort, uneasiness or ill feeling (malaise)
    -Joint pain
    -Muscle aches
    -Sensitivity to sunlight.
    Pretty much the symptoms of lupus. Both my physical therapist and my pediatrician have told me to go see the rheumatologist(Phys.therapist told me to see pediatrician, pediatrician reffered me to the rheumatologist)!! Im going next moday but just to get an opinion(BTW there thinking it is lupus) But im getting everything done there and stuff. What do you think? What will they do?
    I also have some additional symptoms! What do you think??? Please help! Im just a kid! :/ But if it is this i really dont mind because at least ill get treated for the pain and then i’ll just have faith and I know God will help me 🙂 So please and honestly, help!!!!!!
    I mean, this is a scary disease but with God’s help i know i’ll be O.K! I can be strong 🙂
    Oh i 4got to mention that my mom tested positive for lupus but when examed her depper it was just something like lite-lupus but not LUPUS,lupus! So she dosnt have it but i think this means something 4 me 2!

  33. sweet_thang0792

    Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus? Whats wrong?
    Hello. I am a 28 year old female and have a few questions and appreciate any response. I have been having numbness in my legs particulary from the back of my knee/leg down thru my toes where it is tingly, numb, and throbbing pain that will last all day off and on. Somtimes, I can be walking and my legs go numb to where i cant move and have to stand still till i can walk again or drag myself to something to lean on. They did a EMG and it came back normal, so then they did bloodwork and said that my Sed Rate was 47 and Rhunmatoid Factor was 10 and i have a appt schedlued for Rhuemotologist. They did a MRi of my back and it shows there is loss of signal in the L4 and L5, T11-T12 and T12-L1, also buldging discs, disc protrusion and multi-level degenerative disc disease. I get sick a lot and was in hospital in april with symptoms of meningitus, but wasnt (I had meningutius 2007 so i know the symptoms) they never knew the cause, i get sick a lot, always feel tired. I have nausea and frequent migraines. Doc asked if anyone in the family has had Lupus. Does these symptoms/diagnoses mean there is something wrong, and if so what? Does it sound like it could be Lopus? Your help is greatly appeciated.

    1. Jo

      Some of your symptoms do sound like they could be lupus or another rheumatological problem. Hopefully, the specialisit can tell you something. Lupus is a disorder that has many different types. Some are nuisances. Others are a big problems. The way I understand it, while there might be some hereditary tendancy towards lupus, it isn’t one of those things that you will necessarily have a family history for.

      There is a possibility that you could have a neurological problem that they haven’t discovered yet. Normal EMGs can come back on some people who have neurological problems. In addition, neurological problems are some of the most difficult problems to diagnose.

      Unfortunately, you are in the age group where lupus is more likely to occur. On the other hand, your varied symptoms might suggest that you have more than one condition causing your problems. This could make it difficult diagnose.

      Your rheumatologist will have more answers for you than anyone here. See what he has to say. Ask him questions. Listen to his answers.

  34. w.c.cl'arma

    What is the condition “Collie nose” and what is discoid lupus erthematosus?
    What are the symptoms of these diseases?
    Can a natural botanical soothing spray (applied topically)
    help these conditions?

    1. Awesome Nana

      Nothing short of a twice daily sunscreen AND balm (like petroleum jelly) My dog has had it for 6 long years. She has seen many vets and I have done much research. You can only treat the symptoms of drying out (other wise it will crack, bleed, and be ever so painful). Don’t be surprise too when a “chunk of Dead Nose falls off”. It happens periodically but it is just a build up, like a scab, and not actually the nose.

      I feel for anyone whose dog gets this. It’s a pain for you both!

      What are the symptoms?

      Usually the lnose builds up a dry and crusted lesions and appear as pink or white. Raw areas, when left untreated, will be about the nose and (occasionally on the eyelids). The hypersensitive areas may actually ulcerate and develop a crusty scab-like covering. The condition may vary from mild irritation to severe ulcerating lesions that hemorrhage. Sunlight is very bad. Wind too! But if you do like I say, it is very managable.

      Website for you, below!

  35. Asia ♥

    Please help me figure out what is wrong with me… Could it be Lupus?
    I’m trying to figure out what I have. My doctor is terrible and doesn’t believe anything I say. All he does when I ask for a test is say “You don’t need that test.” He thinks everything is all in my head for some reason but it’s not. I’ve been feeling ill for about 4 years now.

    My symptoms are:

    On and off loss of appetite and nausea.
    Extreme fatigue.
    Dizziness (Once it felt like the whole room was spinning – it was terrifying.)
    Sensitivity to light (Camera flashes make me feel nauseous.)
    Weakness (It’s hard to hold on to things etc.)
    My toes turn purple on and off (They look like Zombie toes….)
    My cuts don’t heal well and almost always leave a scar, even small cuts.
    Hair loss (Alopecia areata)
    Pale skin
    Anxiety (I shake alot when I’m nervous)
    Shortness of breath
    Change of eye sight (I can’t focus on things as quickly and the back of my eyes feel strained)

    I just found it weird that Lupus symptoms include the purple toes and hair loss…no other disease has both of them together…

    and I have 2 autoimmune disorders, so I’m thinking it must be an autoimmune disease I have

    The only thing is I don’t have joint pain…my knee’s do hurt sometimes but not enough to bother me. And I’ve never had the common “Butterfly rash” that some people with Lupus have.

    Everyone thinks its Diabetes but I’ve been checked for that.

    Could I have Lupus without the pain?

    1. Luv2smile

      I honestly can’t tell you what you have because I am not a doctor, however I am a mother. I would go to another doctor till you get answers. 🙂

  36. Kiki

    Lupus?Lyme disease?? whats going on?
    Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs, swollen joints everywhere, joint pain everywhere, dizziness -and everything literary spinning like I just got off a roller coaster-, jaw sharp stabbing pain, head ache, pressure in my head, blurry vision, problems with walking, Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate [sometimes during a day I forget the first half of it completely], Heart pain, little hallucination -an object moved-, extreme fatigue……

    I would like to add that I had a baby 4 months ago, and that I have a dog who has lyme disease. I don’t know if it can spread via flees -I got bitten-. I know I havent been bitten by a tick -I also havent been out lately-. What you think
    I also have problems with concentration while talking
    Im a SAHM and I clean cook and take care my son the whole day.
    I have only 1 kid
    in addition I got so dizzy once I ended up falling on the ground.

    1. Will

      Sounds like a new Mom … do you have other kids at home … do you work … do you have anyone to help you out or are you doing it all? I have an 8 week old … I am all of these things and more. You should take a day and relax, we left the kids with Sister and Mother in law and took off for the amusement park. Everyone had a great day.

  37. crunikki

    I think I have Lupus, but i’ve never had good luck with doctors, how do I get them to listen to me?
    I work in the medical field, so I know more than the ‘average person’ about all things medical. I’m no doctor, but I do have a good bit of knowledge on the subject. Last weekend, I started getting really dizzy, the kind where to room is spinning and I feel like I’m going to fall down. This was the first time it happened, but it lasted all weekend. After doing some research online about what could cause my dizzy spells, I came across a Lupus website. After thinking more about it, I have many of the symptoms of Lupus. I had dizzy spells, tendonitis, palpitations, an odd skin disease that they never really figured out what it is, and my hair comes out like crazy in the shower. Now, i’m not waking up with chunks of hair on my pillow or anything that drastic, but EVERY time I shower I clog up the drain, I can run my fingers through my hair and get quite a bit out. Also, I am always cold and always tired. I can get 8 hours of sleep and still be tired all day long. It is 78 degrees in my house right now and I am curled up under a blanket with numb fingers and toes because they are so cold. I feel like if I take all this information to the doctors they are just going to say that I am overthinking all my symptoms and blow me off. I just think it is really odd that I have a skin disease and heart palpitations that can’t be explained…………….am I just overthinking all of this?????
    I have been tested for a thyriod disorder a few years back and they said I didn’t have that…..

    1. SethSpeaks

      You have every single classic symptom of thyroid disorder. The test for that is cheaper and fits all of your listed symptoms. Start there instead of coming into the Dr. with a more exotic claim of lupus.

  38. Jayne

    Lupus? Or something else? Input appreciated!?
    So, my doctor suggested once that I be tested for lupus (at my next doctor’s visit, which, unfortunately, are quite intermittent because of the large volume of people who see this doctor). I’ve been trying get diagnosed with SOMETHING for nearly 4 years now, and now he’s pretty sure it’s autoimmune, and he suggested lupus.

    So, desperate for an answer, I’ve been doing some research, and some of my symptoms match up. Such as:

    -Joint pain (though I don’t really notice if they’re swollen) — in my hips, knees, elbows, wrists, back/neck
    -Sun-sensitive — does this mean getting sunburned REALLY easily? Because I do, though I’m not sure that’s what that means.
    -Extreme fatigue the vast majority of the time
    -Weight gain I’ve been struggling with for years
    -Anxiety – particularly social anxiety and stress-related anxiety
    -Butterfly rash – it’s not really a long-lasting rash, so much as I get flushed really easily and it looks like a butterfly rash
    -Shortness of breath

    Other symptoms not covered by lupus (so far as I’ve found):
    -General and often nausea (never vomiting)
    -Digestive problems
    -Salt craving — I’ve seen that this can be Addison’s disease, another one he mentioned.
    -Appetite fluctuations – generally, I’m usually hungry every 3-4 hours, but sometimes I’ll be ravenous for days on end, and no matter how much I eat, I am never full. Likewise, sometimes to look at food makes me nauseous and I can’t eat at all.
    -Irregular blood sugar levels — I often wake up with high blood sugar, and it often dips down quite low during the day, even after I’ve eaten

    This is all very confusing and frustrating that I can’t see my doctor more often than every 4-6 months. I guess the main question is: is lupus a possibility? But any opinions or input is much appreciated.

    –18 year old female, active, healthy diet
    –Have been test for Celiac, and though I was told it was negative, I have a strong feeling I should be retested, because I have several of those symptoms, as well

  39. Lady

    Could I have mild lupus?
    I’m fifteen years old. I’m an insomniac half the time, and the other half, I fall asleep immediately and am unable to wake up for at least ten hours. Even after that, I’m absolutely exhausted. I have trouble focusing; I often forget where my train of thought is heading. I get headaches all the time, which are only cured by two Advils, and sometimes not even that works.
    My friends often comment on how fragile I am. My best friend is afraid to even hug me sometimes (especially when I’m sitting down) because she once tackle-hugged me while I was sitting indian-style and my hip was suddenly on fire. I also am getting a C in gym because I had to skip some of the yoga poses we were doing. They irritated my right hip (which is sometimes overcome with unexplained pain.) I can’t be poked or even really touched in the ribs because they’ll bruise so easily.
    I am easily knocked off-balance by the slightest touches. My limbs always feel so weak and fragile, and they ache something terrible. I can hardly go up/down stairs without using the railing to steady/support myself. I used to pass it off as growing pains, but I haven’t grown in a couple of years. I’m 15, and 5’5, and I’m pretty sure I’m not growing anymore.
    Sometimes, after I eat — especially after eating lunch at school, for some reason — I experience extreme abdominal pain. It’s just this resounding ache in my stomach. It has no reason to be there, but it IS.
    Also, often I experience severe chest pain upon breathing in.
    I always thought this was normal. I don’t know if I’ve always been this way, or if it started some time ago. But if, once upon a time, I actually had ENERGY, I can’t remember it.
    Now, mind you, this is all even with the fact that my school consists of seven different academic buildings which I walk back-and-forth between all day. And gym class. And my 20 to 30 minute uphill walk home. So I’m not out of shape. I’m perfectly in shape. I get plenty of hearty excercise every day. So why am I so weak? Why do my shoulders creak whenever I move them?
    Anyway, I never really thought much of it until, one day, my cat’s whisker tickled me in the lower-thigh area, and I reached down to brush/scratch the area, only to gasp in pain. I had actually hurt myself by scratching. I hadn’t even done it hard, but I had to hold my breath for a couple of seconds and could hardly move for at least half a minute. This kind of thing had happened before — where I accidently hurt myself doing something completely normal — but never so extreme.
    I forgot about the incident. One day, I was reading a book, and in it one of the characters was talking about their illness. They had lupus. They experienced extreme fatigue, muscle/joint pain, an inability to focus, physical weakness despite excercise…etc.
    I had a bit of an epiphany. Maybe, just maybe, everything I was experiencing WASN’T normal. After all, I’m a 15-year-old girl who excercises daily (if not by choice), follows a rather healthy vegetarian lifestyle, drinks gallons upon gallons of tea by month…why am I not brimming with energy?
    So, I researched it. I researched it so well that, just the other day, my little sister was watching Mystery Diagnosis and the doctors just didn’t know what this lady had. And I shouted out, “It’s lupus, you idiots!” Five minutes later, they revealed that it was lupus. I know this disease like the back of my hand, and I don’t know if I have it, but I don’t know if I DON’T have it.
    All I know is that, I suffer from quite a bit of the symptoms:

    -My skin (especially on my fingers and legs) turned purple in the cold. My friends and I used to joke about it, actually. Whenever I went out in the cold, I would exclaim mournfully, “I’m turning purple!”
    -I suffer from terrible headaches.
    -I’m always exhausted.
    -My limbs hurt for no reason.
    -My joints are extremely weak; they’re always creaking.
    -I can’t sit in one position for too long because I get so stiff and sore. As a result, sleeping is very difficult, because I (for some reason) don’t move at all while I sleep, so I have to wake up to move into a new position.
    -I have issues focusing on things that require logical thought. For this reason, I cannot easily understand very wordy things. I often loose my train of thought.
    -My eyes sometimes sting for no reason, or become very watery and noticeably red. Granted, this didn’t start until after I started wearing contacts. But I haven’t worn my contacts in a little under two months and it still happens.

    There’s more, but honestly, there’s just too many to name. I basically just hurt all over, and for no reason, and I’m tired, and I’m looking for answers.

    So, to lupus sufferers, to people who know lupus sufferers, to doctors, to anyone who has any knowledge about this — do you think I could have lupus?
    Also, symptoms I’ve just remembered that I considered important:

    -I very often wake up in the middle of the night due to severe leg pain — usually in my left leg, but in my right it is not unheard of — that literally keeps me from moving for at least a minute, at most five.

    -My right wrist cracks. I mean, it REALLY cracks. It’s like pi. If I could keep cracking it without my arm getting tired, it would never stop. I don’t know if this is a form of arthritis (as it doesn’t really hurt, it just gets kind of sore sometimes), but I’ve always used it to freak people out and thought it was cool. Until I saw that arthritis-like symptoms, especially in the hands and feet, are a symptom of lupus.

    -A year or two ago (I don’t really remember), I was sick and my mother took me to the doctor, who speculated — upon learning of my exhaustion and such — that I was probably anemic. We never heard from her, so I assume I’m not. But I know lupus is often mistaken for anemia.

  40. tannfreak

    Can lupus be mistaken for..?
    Another disease? All of my symptoms that I have had match up perfectly to the symptoms of lupus. But my blood tests for lupus came back negative. And My regular blood test came back perfectly fine.

    I have been going through the same thing (extreme fatigue, exhausted muscles, not being able to concentrate, sensitivity to sun and also a fever today) for almost 5 weeks. And It closely resembles flare ups because the symptoms come and then leave for up to a week.

    What other disease could be affecting me?

  41. mrs.sexyone

    what is lupus?
    Defining Lupus

    A chronic, inflammatory, connective tissue disease that can affect the joints and many organs, including the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, and nervous system. It can cause many different symptoms; however, not everyone with lupus has all of the symptoms. Also called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE

    1. christibro40

      I think you answered your own question. I have Lupus and have had it for a long time. The only thing you didnt put is that it is an autoimmune disease where our own cells attack each other because they become hyperactive, and do not know they are attacking their own healthy cells. So Dr’s use immunosuppresents, chemotherapy, and prednisone, to suppress the immune system, in hopes of quieting a flare or pushing it down into remmison,

  42. kevin

    Do you think im having a lupus flare? i have many symptoms?
    Im a 17 yr old male and i was diagnosed with lupus about 3 years ago..since my diagnosis i haven’t really had any problems with the disease. For the past two weeks ive had severe loss of appetite, nausau, dizziness and some random joint pains. Ive only vomited two times in these last few weeks but the nausau and dizziness is really bothering me. I can’t tell if the appetite loss is what is causing the other symptoms, because i only eat occasionally because i dont feel good when i do eat. I am trying to make an appointment with my doctor now, but if anyone has any good imformation please let me know. Greatly appreciated.

  43. Charlotte Evers

    Possible symptoms of Leukemia or Lupus?
    My friend has small bruises on the middle of her back for no reason that appear often. She has very severe Celiac’s disease, and she is 13 years old. She is very drowsy with no energy, and has nausea and vomits a lot lately. I don’t know if this is related at all but her gums and the inside of her mouth bleed when she’s not even eating or anything, just for no reason. She was looked at by a friends mom who is a doctor, and she suspects that this could be Leukemia. She also had a herniated disc in her back recently which is now pretty much fixed, but could that be the reason for her bruises? My friend has an appointment at the doctors office to have her spine looked at and get blood drawn and tested. She also loses weight without trying and has excessive sweating and random tiny reddish spots from her stomach all the way down her hip. She is only 93 pounds and is losing a lot of weight for some reason. Is this Leukemia??? What are some other symptoms of Leukemia? What else could this be? Thanks for reading and please answer with anything you know, even if its just a guess!

  44. samantha

    been very ill- could i have lupus?
    for the last year ive been really sick. ive had numerous test done and been put on a hole mess load of medications. but nothing seems to help and im just getting worse. im in constant pain and cant hardly eat. my entire stomach hurts and my food doesnt digest and i have no bowel movements. it hurts to empty my bladder and my lower back feels like its breaking. mostly i get pains under my ribs and on my sides. but i also get shooting pains every where at different times.

    well ive been doing a lot of research on my own because my doctors cant seem to find out whats wrong with me. and i came across lupus. all i know about it now is its an auto- immune disease and it can affect your organs and make you lose function of them. so i wondering if i could have it. i dont have a history of any gastric problems in my family except acid reflex but ive been tested for that.

    what are the symptoms of lupus? how do you test for lupus? how do you treat lupus?

    i just what to know as much as possible about lupus or any other illness that can cause my symptoms. if any one could give me some information i would really appreciate it!

    thank you


  45. ijustwannalive23

    what diseases/disorders have symptoms that…?
    are other diseases/disorders?
    for example, some of lupus’s symptoms are arthritis and anemia.

    thank you!!

    1. balkenthefalcon

      Smallpox initially has symptoms that are the same as influenza and the common cold in its early stages, which helps make it such a dangerous disease, as it is hard to diagnose before it becomes fatal. These symptoms are fever (at least 38.5 °C (101 °F)), muscle pain, malaise, headache and prostration (moving into a prone position).

      Also, swollen joints are a very common symptom with osteoarthritis, gout, Lyme disease, and even cancer.

      Here is a list of symptoms that are common amongst many diseases:

  46. paige c

    If I’ve had tests done for arthritis that came back negative, it is possible I have lupus?
    I still have severe joint pains in my knees and wrists.
    The doctors have yet to come up with a *real* answer, but an MRI came back telling me I had cartilidge deterioration in my knees and wrists. They blamed the pain on that, whether or not it’s true.
    I also have several other symptoms of lupus, including raynaud’s disease, anemia (although, I am a vegetarian, which could possibly contribute to that one), and off-and-on chest pains.
    I am caucasion, however, which I know makes my chances for lupus lower.
    What do you think?

  47. Taylor L

    What does lupus do to the different organs of the body, and what would the symptoms include.?
    One of the characters in a story I am writing is dieing of lupus in the early 1940’s. Her character is suppose to have had flares of the disease for years and years, but the disease is becoming more and more serious until a point where she is so weak she can barely walk. Is that far-fetched?

    1. Linda R

      I attended a funeral for a member of my lupus support group. She was 36 and died of a stroke. She had antiphospholipid antibody syndrome that often occurs with lupus.

      Half of us will have kidney disease. There is a woman with lupus in my apartment complex whose kidneys have totally failed. The doctors have stated that she would most likely not survive a transplant. She is on dialysis 3 times a week. The lupus nephritis will ultimately kill her.

      I know a man whose wife died from lupus when it attacked her liver.

      A young woman I know died of lupus kidney disease while waiting for her third transplant.

      I nearly died from lupus in 2003. I had bone marrow failure, pancytopenic anemia, pericarditis (very common in lupus), pleurisy and pleural effusions (also very common), and beginning renal failure.

      As recently as 20 years ago, a diagnosis of lupus was considered a death sentence.

      The meds we take to try and control the lupus have some nasty side effects. I know two lupus patients who have had avascular necrosis of the hips from high doses of steroids. Both women have had both hips replaced. One was only 22 at the time. Many of the immunosuppressive drugs we take for the more serious cases predispose us to cancer because they suppress tumor necrosis factor.

      90-95% of lupus patients have joint pain and inflammation. At my worst, I could not even stand to shower.

      PS My lupus is well controlled now through a combination of medications, regular medical monitoring, and a very proactive approach to managing the disease.

      PPS I think your character is dying not dieing. And her character is “supposed” not “suppose” to have had flares. You might want to consider having someone proof read your story before you submit it anywhere.

  48. Sherri T

    Are these test results saying lupus?
    I have spent nearly 2 years trying to find out what is wrong with me. What started as painful intercourse advanced to AUB (endometriosis was removed). After treating my endometriosis I found that my pain was isolated to my bladder (I no longer received bladder urges though no incontinence issues). No signs of IC. Then I lost control of the bladder, then bowels, then legs. My symptoms varied from pain feeling like my legs were lit on fire to my bone marrow splitting apart to numbness in the legs. I also had issues with hands and feet turning blue, chest pain, inexplicable fevers, increased bruising, and an inability to fight off infections. My muscles in the legs have atropied despite my work being very exercise intensive (with restraining animals in excess of 200lbs).

    MRI’s of the spine were clean excluding one area of decreased nerve signal (a neurosurgeon thought it might be a cyst but the myelogram was clean). No signs of MS plaques and evoked potentials were normal. Lymes disease testing was negative.

    So on to the positives. My ANA was positive homogeneous pattern 1/320 titer. CK was 311 IU/L. But my sed rate was 7 and SS-A IgG and SS-B IgG Autoantibodies were negative. WBC was 5.6 and lymphocytes were slightly elevated and granulocytes were slightly decreased. All other cbc results were normal.

    I know that my blood results do not scream lupus but at this point I am wondering if I should be consulting a rheumatologist. My neurologist doesn’t want to make a call of lupus, she would like me to consult with my PCP (he is 2 hours from my home so I would prefer to see a local specialist to make the call if it is indicative of lupus). My CSF has been sent to the Mayo Clinic for testing and I should hear back in 2 weeks or so. In the interim I am curious if I am right in considering these test results suspicious of lupus considering my symptoms.

    Any input would be appreciated
    Another think that has started recently is seizures (nothing beyond petit mahl yet thank goodness). I also had a horribly inflamed gallbladder that was adhered to my stomach and duodenum and intrahepatic which had to be removed a few months ago (I’m unsure of any correlation between that and my current problems).

    Oh and in response to my first answer…there is no cure for lupus only ways to manage the autoimmune response. But I am already using aloe juice when I miss my Carafate for Nsaid induced ulcers and duodenitis. No help from that juice for anything other than the stomach pain.

  49. ElevationKB R

    Tourette like symptoms from a reaction to medication. How to get it under control?
    Hi, I have been diagnosed with stage 1 chronic kidney disease and I also have some lupus symptoms. I take a ton of medication and I believe I’m having a very bad reaction due to them. Here are my symptoms…

    – Jerking, involuntary movement
    – Very detailed oriented when I speak (I explain everything even for the simplest sentences.)
    – Easily upset
    – involuntary movement of my mouth

    Does anyone know what type of reaction this is called?

    1. Melody

      This sounds like tardive dyskinesia…a disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions that can result in involuntary movements and postures in various parts of the body, particularly chewing or lip-smacking movements of the mouth, jaw and face.

      It can be caused by dopamine agonists– which include psychiatric drugs, and some anti-nausea drugs.

      You need to talk to your doctor about this. the involuntary movements can become permanent.

      How do I know? I have tardive dyskinesia myself, though mine effects my entire body, which makes it impossible for me to walk.

      You need to talk to your doctor about this, ASAP. You don’t want to ignore this. It needs to be adressed before it gets worse…or possibly permanent.

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